Friday, May 31, 2013


An high school friend of mine unfriended me on Facebook. I was posting old rock video, i.e. Melanie, Jefferson Airplane - but he didn't unfriend me for that says he. It was something I said to his WOMAN. That is Woe Mane or Woe Mun. I don't even recall. He said I called his WOMAN'S sons fat. Made a derisive remark and rolled my eyes. What words did I use, I wonder. How about, hey, there are some plump porkers?
Thing is I don't remember it.
We got into a fight before about child molestation. He proudly brought up his child, a female child whose name back long ago when she was a child he confused to me with his brother's doter (sic). The torture that child molesters should be subjected to compares to the Hell we all wonder exists, says he. I spoke of it because some fellows have been arrested for it and their names put in the paper. Well one, the younger brother of a friend of ours, mention he did not. Another, struggling with the label applied to such persons, a beloved of my late mother's. I think it rather insane what they are doing about those convicted of sex crimes, posting signs in the neighborhoods they have found to live in after being released from prison, being put on lists on the internet. It is a disease called pedophilia. We all get diseases. I think my ol'd haskool buddy has a disease called ignorance. Oh, he also says I mock and embarrass him. I asked him of the names of the little girls he liked when he was a child when I saw a picture he posted of himself at about the age of 8. So, embarrassing that you would have girl friends at 8? Why put a photo like that of yourself up in the first place if you were afraid of embarrassment? I guess no one is going to say anything to him but the girls anyway. His girl friend, his Woman and her Woman friends. Hell, this turkey doesn't even call himself by his real name. He has rused Facebook into giving him a page with a fake name. Big redneck name. Big redneck.

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