Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conviction, convinction

Reflecting on the concept of conviction today. What do I really believe in? Am I afraid to express it? Why? Maybe I am confused. And so on.
In a Back to Godhead magazine once I saw a typo for the word. BTG spelled it convinction. I wonder if I still have that  issue? Don't think so. Impressed me for a long time.
When we have convictions though, you know, we get all riled up, sometimes. Not talking about those simple convictions like you should treat people with respect and love but those big ones like God is Krsna or God lives within you as you or even Jesus is the son of God. I have offered the teachings of the Siddhas that God lives within everyone as their own Self but I am not so sure I am convinced of it myself. I once swore that Krsna was God but it was  weak kind of conviction and I fell of it with the abortion issue, sex, drugs including tea and coffee and finally even impersonal vs. personal views of God. Baba Muktananda extols the virtue of formlessness. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, the form of God, Krsna. The Buddhists, whose Tibetan views was full of so much beauty and in some cases included Christ as Buddha believe their is no self at all. No ego is how we come to accept it. All of these believe in the view that the soul or whatever we can call the soul, mental impressions, are born again and again. I have read a book though that offers a loving God that does not require the death of his son as a sacrifice that does not proffer a belief in reincarnation.
So, what are my  convictions? In general, a lot of folks don't listen to none of this and just tell me to get a job which I am finding impossible. Sadgurunath maharaj ki jay!

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