Saturday, June 15, 2013

Them Roads

I did a lot of driving last year for some of my homeless friends. They had a business. Can't be here anymore so you had better have some kind of real venture going or they will lock you  up. They sold bottled water for a $1 a bottle. They iced them down in coolers and hauled the coolers by hand until they met me and my van.
So, we ended up traveling to many what I call distant places like Jax and Tampa and even Miami last Valentine's Day. I remember getting lost on the way to Orlando. We were on our way there for a car show. We missed an exit and that took us off of our game plan by hours. Things like that happened now and then on those interstates and back roads but I had a lot of fun driving to these places. My mom didn't like me to go to places like the beach and so forth so I just stayed around Gainesville. I was lucky just to have her car in those days. I did get to go to Venice, Florida and to Leesburg, Florida for spiritual events.
But in those days all my travel was solitary. I had my Siddha Yoga CD's and that was that.
It was fun going places with ambitious young people even if they did get on my nerves. I
don't think I will be doing it much anymore though because they REALLY got on my nerves sometimes. Long work days but I lost a lot of weight that summer, 2012, which was good for me.
Names of some of the roads down here are 1-75, 441, 301, 26, I-10, 1-95. There is a Florida  Turnpike now named Ronald Reagan Turnpike. The smart phone has been helpful in certain instances. Get a smart phone, D.R. and you won't get lost anymore although there was one direction on our way to Jax for a football game that was wrong on one turn but I we had been there before and knew the way.

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