Sunday, June 16, 2013


There's a page at Facebook called Veggie Love Planet. They are very serious about the karma aspects of vegetarianism, the moral questions about whether it is right to kill. I know many meat eaters. I am not one myself but actually, if I am really hungry and the meat eaters have meat to eat I will eat it. I could blame my homelessness for that. I could blame any kind of social and psychological realities for that but I have found it to be true. I'm 60 years old, not 24 anymore. I had a hard time remaining vegetarian when I was young and with young people who were also vegetarian. Now I'm old and I don't have all those people. Maybe that's good. Maybe it isn't, but people get crazy about all this shit. I have rationalized, and I know that is no good because a very attractive woman told me so, that if the animals were not wanted for meat, having been raised by farmers for that purpose they would not have existed at all. This is no Garden of Eden point of view. You can hate me if you like. What does it matter anyway. I think a lot of people would rather kill people than eat meat. Hitler was a vegetarian after all and many unglamorous tendencies can come from a passionate belief in something quite benign as vegetarianism is. I don't encounter a lot of hatred for my vegetarianism, maybe that's why what I see on Veggie Love Planet kind of gets me and then added to the feminist issues of objectification of women and straights and gays which is just something on my mind and not something at issue I have just hidden their post. The woman isn't even naked as is the natural thing for animals and some other woman wants her to wear clothes, missing the point entirely. The woman is laying on the street as if murdered. I just can't handle meat is murder. 

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