Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Joseph and me.

Joseph was very unhappy when suddenly Jimmy received money and didn't need him to pay a little gas. And it was a little. Until then Joe could just do what he wanted. He was the boss. But when Jimmy got money, oops, Jimmy didn't need Joseph anymore and refused to drive Joe wherever he wanted to go, whenever he wanted to go. This passed for several months until Joseph got back into Jimmy's good graces. Jimmy even let Joseph who had no license since it had been suspended by the state for 5 years, drive the van. Jimmy got a little money, very little as usual, but he needed it to get by as the sudden money, a loan from a school Jim had started attending did not quite reach the length of Jim's need. It was unfortunate Jim had gone out and bought a computer for school. That took a big chunk out of the money even though it was a cheap computer. Anyway, it had come about that Joe would borrow the van for festivals on weekends. Jimmy didn't see it coming that Joe would put money into the van when he had to, a tune up because it would not run and that consequently Joe would start acting like he owned the van. Not returning for but half days or less in 3 weeks time. Or was it more. Jim didn't really keep up with time. He had been so relieved to get into a school after all these years. He had been suspended from the university in his own county and didn't think it possible to make up the grades the university wanted him to make up in the time the university wanted him to make them up. His new school, online, didn't care about his grade point average at the state university but only of how many credits he already had toward a degree. Jim was very happy about that and worked diligently for his first 9 months at school but this thing where Joe was holding the van really was putting him off. Jim was 25 years older than Joe, a different race and of a different cultural background. Was Joe trying to make a point about having to walk and use buses? Was this some kind of class revenge. Jim was hardly of much higher class than Joe. They were both homeless.

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