Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yankee Stuff

Can we blame Cano for Jeter's injuries. Watching Jete get injured reminds me of the Mick, Mickey Mantle. Mickey would get injured and the Yanks would go into a spin. They depended on him. It was a sin, almost like the way the Kennedys were killed, the way Mickey Mantle would get injured just as things were looking bright for him. No one to blame for Mickey's injuries but  I was just thinking of Jeter and Rodriguez's injuries as well as maybe Teixeira's and others as the curse of the Mick for the Yankees. No such thing, of course, just as there was never a curse of the Bambino. It was just bad luck for Boston or maybe they just couldn't do Italian the way New Yorkers do. Anyway, I was wondering if the Cano's youth and vigor were a cause of Jeter's injuries and bad years. Sometimes I think Joe Torre leaving but I'm kind of superstitious guy. I loved that 1996 team. Jose Cardenalis was their 1st base coach. I loved Jose. I had his card once. He could run, he could and so a good fellow to have at 1st base. Not enough has been made I think of Jeter's number, number 2. Formerly warn by the eternal 3rd base coach Frank "The Crow" Crosetti. Frank loomed big in our eyes as a Yankee legend when we got hooked on the Yankees in the 60's. I know he never won an MVP and I hear he played shortstop but there is a lot of bullshit out there about who was who and where and when they played. I  hope Jeter can bounce back this year. I wonder if they think of putting Derek at 2nd base and picking up a shortstop on the market. What shortstop would they want? I remember Mickey playing 1st base. The only time I ever saw Mickey Mantle play  he played 1st base. That was in like 1967 or 1968. He was a very big man.

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