Sunday, July 3, 2011

Computers, the interactive age

I can't get my fellow religionists to participate with me on the Net. They don't e-mail, they don't have time, I guess for computer nonsense. This seems to be the spirit. A writer, Thomas Colburn, whose book The Goddess is sold at SYDA, says in his introduction to the book that reading is a relatively new thing to the human race. Reading books has only been going  on for a few hundred years. The invention of the printing press, I'm guessing, is probably a good reason for this.

Sometimes I feel all this reading is just unnatural but I find few human beings ready to speak to me and have me as a social contact. Perhaps they have had difficulties in friendships. Maybe friends distract them from their real goals, the true business of the human being, which is said to be God Realization. Maybe I'm a distraction. They don't want to associate with me, attract my bad habits like coffee drinking and television watching, new sins ... new religions.

I used to "hang out" as it is said. But, I'm not sure I know what they were saying. It's a saying of Bob Dylan's isn't it? when he was damning the social whores of New York City, upper crust and uncaring about him or anything else. Hanging. Hanging out. Usually, I think, the dope, smoking pot with friends, the quiet, the music and the hours at a friends house. Is that hanging out? I suppose, but it is also friendship, isn't it?

Don't dwell on it. Your friends are in your mind. Bring your best friends there.

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