Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After reading Carey Fuller at HuffPo

My mom died and when I ran out of money that she left me I had to sell her house. You see I am chronically unemployed and now homeless. After I had sold the house the realtor was calling me a rich man. I found it very offensive. I bought food at the health food store when my mom was alive and able to support the man no one would give a job. That's called being rich. I call it having it in for responsible farming.
Anyway, I ran out of the huge sum of money for mom's house, a little over $100,000.00 half of which I used to pay nearly $50,000.00 in credit card debt. Unemployed, how was I to pay bills except with the credit cards mom had put me on so I could use hers. I know conservatives talk about values at that point but I was never a conservative. I never protested busing, an issue down here, never supported the wars. They said I was smart but I had no common sense. A little saying my mom had on the wall said "When you succeed you win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway." That's how that was.
When I finally ran out of money and couldn't pay bills or rent I had to get out. I packed what I could into the old van I had bought to take things from storage to the Goodwill in the college town 20 miles away and headed off to that same college town to find a shelter. I sold and gave things to have a little money, at least for gas. So, when I got to Gainesville I was directed to either St. Francis House or The Salvation Army. At St. Francis House you had to apply for a bed at 8 a.m. and I did that regularly for quite a while it seemed to me until I finally got a bed. I would find out about Salvation Army and the week long stay some time later after I think I was being exploited for cheap labor as I guess a lot of the homeless are exploited.

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